Meet Our Team

It takes a very strong team to uphold such standards of excellence and service. And that team starts with the leadership at ATEL communications. We take our role in facilitating the implementation and service of the best technology solutions very seriously. Here is the leadership that has created a culture of reliable and effective technology solutions for your business:

Steven Handelman, President of ATEL Communications

Steven Handelman
President, ATEL Communications

Steve is primarily a "fix it guy", which helps him understand technology and apply it to business solutions. In fact, he started his career as a teenager working for an outdoor lighting manufacturing company where he developed a fascination with integrating systems and improving efficiency.

Steve graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 1982 and got some experience with technology companies before founding ATEL Communications in 1985. His goal was to develop a nimble and adaptive company that could be flexible enough to meet customer needs in a variety of contexts. Steve has a passion for helping businesses grow by leveraging technology solutions.

He spends his free time working with his many passions including the newest technologies, tinkering and fixing things and water activities like snow skiing, sailing, and power boating.

Andrew Cohen, Vice President of ATEL Communications

Andrew Cohen
Vice President, ATEL Communications

Andrew played a key role in organizing ATEL into a global sales and marketing organization. ATEL Communications is one of the early adopters of Cloud-Based Hosted Telephone Systems. He has worked to develop both a strong management team a strategic direction for new products and services to ensure customer needs and expectations are exceeded.

Andrew is an insatiable problem-solver who has created a culture of creative solutions, looking at issues from multiple angles and facilitating executive decision-making to ensure an expedient and effective solutions for our customers.

He plays golf in his spare time and lives in Carlsbad, California.