10 Good Reasons to move to the Cloud with ATEL

March 24th, 2014 by admin

Virtual Desktop – What is it? First, we will calculate what it costs you to install, manage and maintain workstations (computers) for all your employees. This cost, according to industry statistics, runs about $75.00 to $90.00 per month for each employee using a computer. It includes the cost of electricity to run a computer 24 hours a day (most computers never are shut off) and the cost for software licenses and upgrades to software and repair and replace broken equipment and so on. Now, imagine eliminating the PC tower and hard drive and just keep a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to a Thin Client (little box) that connects each user to the cloud. The best part is there are no workstations and every employee has a tablet (iPad, Microsoft enabled laptop or any other WiFi enabled device) which can then access the internet in some form. Their desktop (PC Desktop) exists in this Cloud World and is accessible from work, home, or any mobile environment you choose. You control the access and email is hosted in the cloud so you eliminate the problems of your Exchange Server or if you have a PoP email account now all emails are managed by one company. Here are 10 things you can do with one company (ATEL) in a cloud environment that will save you money and time and problems and make you and your company more efficient. 1. PC Desktop Hosted in the cloud (Virtual Desktop) 2. Exchange email hosted in the cloud 3. File Sharing (Like Google Docs) but much better hosted in the cloud 4. Web X for PowerPoint or document sharing or white boarding hosted in the cloud 5. Virtual Server eliminate the cost of maintaining servers on premise by moving all your data to the cloud 6. Data Storage and backup even if you keep your servers you can back up and store data in the cloud 7. Disaster Recovery or Mirror Image your Servers for real time immediate recovery in the event of a catastrophic event 8. Video Cameras for security and training backed up to a DVR in the cloud, access your video images from anywhere. 9. Help Desk to outsource your help desk you can have your Virtual Desktop and email in the cloud and all calls to Help Desk are included 10. Mobile Phone and Mobile Devices managed for you to keep track of all devices and get the best Mobile Plans guaranteed all managed by ATEL ATEL’s Technology Engineers are able to work with you to create a custom Cloud Solution that is easy for you to conceptualize and easy to implement with little to no disruption of your companies processes and procedures. In many cases the new technology is seamless and transparent to your employees who will see the same software and services they have been used to using all along. Call 858-646-4600 and ask for a Cloud Expert today!

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The Many Benefits of Hosted Phones

May 19th, 2017 by admin

With so many features available through hosted phone systems, we understand that some people are torn. On the one hand, additional features provide more tools for improving productivity, while on the other hand they require more training and can lead to more complicated processes. Still, we believe that the benefits more than make up for the short time it'll take you to adjust.

Call features that will make phone calls easier include:

  • call recording using standard MP3 format
  • push to call for a modern-day intercom
  • call swap between devices
  • simultaneous ringing connects to all of your set up devices
  • 14 way conferencing replaces frustrating conference bridges

In addition, you can easily set up a back-up plan for emergencies. This way, customers and vendors can still reach you even if the office is closed for snow, hurricanes, tornadoes - you name it! Your callers see you as reliable and you can keep business going even during a disaster. Work from home or while on a business trip with easy mobility solutions. Receive voicemail messages through your email, so they're simple to access, save, and share. You can even take advantage of cutting-edge voice to text software!

But enough about the benefits. ATEL Communications can advise you on the best solutions and applications to suit your business needs. Take a look at our catalog of hosted phones and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

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