Moving your IT System

April 11th, 2017 by admin

In some ways, moving offices is a great chance to get rid of old equipment, broken things, and kitschy decorations. It is also a good opportunity to redesign and properly set up your IT infrastructure. Before you launch into that process however, talk to us about your current and foreseeable IT needs. What is the point of installing all of the same systems during the move, when you'll need to replace things again in just a couple years? We can conduct an assessment of your IT requirements and advise on the best solutions and steps to take.

messy cables

ATEL can also help you with the move itself. We have a network of service providers, in addition to our own experiences moving and installing voice and data systems. When it comes to your wireless internet, for example, you should consider the exact placement of routers for optimal connectivity. This also goes for security cameras and access control systems. Don't wait until move-in day to figure these things out - it might lead to a mess of tangled cables. We can help you save time and hassles by consulting on the move beforehand.

Download your moving checklist here!

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