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March 27th, 2014 by admin

Many companies and Human Resources executives would prefer video conferencing over email as their top method of business communication. This is because it removes the issue of distance and betters communication and productivity between teams whether they are across the country or across the globe.

Video conferencing is the method of communication by a set of telecommunication technologies which permit two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions.

According to Redshift Research's global survey,
it was shown that 56% of the respondents stated video would be their most preferred method of business communication compared to the 49% that said that email was their preference.

The survey took place in twelve countries. Nearly 98% of the HR professionals that participated in the survey agreed that video conferencing eliminates distance barriers and enhances productivity between teams in different cities and countries across the world, as well as its benefit to improving and maintaining workplace balance and keeping employees connected.

Furthermore, the survey also showed that video conferencing is becoming more all-encompassing for HR teams worldwide.

When asked about choosing business communication tools today, other HR professionals ranked video conferencing in the top three favorites at 46%, just after email at 88% and voice conference calls at 62%. Web conferencing, instant messaging and social media are other methods of business communications these HR executives said they utilized.

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