ATEL Installs AT&T Fiber

January 11th, 2018 by Alex Robles

Installing AT&T

Just like our customers, up to now ATEL was not on the AT&T Fiber Network. Our offices are located in an area that has not ever had Fiber or Cable service until now. This has been difficult for us, just like all our customers who have to pay higher prices for old technology such as bonded T-1 or other Ethernet services like DSL and UVerse that have slower upload speeds or are expensive. ATEL is an AT&T Solution partner and through our relationship with AT&T we were able to get them to extend their fiber network to our street. Here is a description of the process that we are going through to order Fiber and why every customer should be checking with us to place their Fiber orders, so you can avoid the pitfalls of managing these complicated orders yourself.

Installing At&T

Today AT&T has come out to our office here at Atel Communications, and we are pleased to say that we are now a step closer to getting Fiber installed to our building. My name is Alex Robles, and I’m in project management for our Telco department here at ATEL Communications in San Diego. An install for Fiber normally takes on average of 60 to 90 days, but our install is moving along quite nicely. Like most Telecom Carriers, AT&T has multiple “Mile Stones” to complete before we can start using our new blazing fast internet.

As a solution provider for AT&T, ATEL Communications understands the ins and outs of a big carrier such as AT&T. Each location is different which means different services/carriers are available. After running on slow bonded T-1 and DSL for many years, ATEL was able to get AT&T for our office. 30 days ago we signed ourselves up for a new Fiber Optics circuit which is faster, more reliable and less expensive than other options.

Installing At&T

ATEL Communications has been in business for 32 years, so we have plenty of experience with AT&T. Thankfully, it looks like our install is moving faster than usual, since we just got our Fiber pulled from the street to our MPOE yesterday. Since ATEL Communications is a broker for almost all carriers all across the United States, we always make sure we assist the customer to ensure every install goes smoothly and on time. Now, in a perfect world, all Telco installs should go smooth and on time. Fortunately for our customers, we strive to help & guide them through the treacherous terrain called Telco.

Stay tuned to see what obstacles and/or mile stones we reach for this install with AT&T!

AT&T Provider

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