Backup Your Data

April 29th, 2014 by admin

Backup Your Data

Backing up your information whether you are at home or at work seems like a such a nuisance. Computers and electronic devices are continually being remodeled and updated to be more trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. However, humans make mistakes, accidents happen, and technology does malfunction. In fact, the most common factor contributing to the loss of data is the breakdown of hardware (44%), followed by a human mistake (32%), data corruption (14%), viruses (7%), and a natural disaster (3%).

Backing up data is especially important for businesses. The amount of information stored and utilized by businesses is growing immensely as the number of people using technology increases. Businesses have to keep up with technology in order to be competitive. They have to store account information, financial reports, emails, analyses, contracts, and other vital data on their technological devices.

Research shows that on average, 1MB of business data is worth $10,000. If a hard drive fails, an employee makes a mistake, or some type of disaster occurs, data can be restored, but it is never a guarantee. It depends on what causes the loss of data and the severity of it. Studies have indicated that 20MB of lost information can cost a business $17,000 or more to restore what was once lost. This does not include the amount of time it would to take to regain the data, lasting approximately three weeks.

Loss of data is correlated to negative affects on businesses as it takes time, money, and energy that a company could and would have utilized in other areas. It increases the potential for competitors to gain an unwanted edge. Reputations can be ruined and litigations issued. Worst of all, businesses that lose data because of a significant accident without having any backup or recovery systems built in place are likely to close in two years of the incident.

Avoid the frustration and heartache that occurs when information is lost. Take initiative and backup data before it is too late. Don't settle for standard backup procedures. Methods such as CDs, USBs, and external hard drives have higher risk of malfunction, being lost, lack of flexibility, and low speed abilities.

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