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February 1st, 2016 by admin

Cloud hosted desktops enable business staff to access their interface and apps on any device, from any place that has internet connection, and on any bandwidth. It provides freedom from your office so you can manage your workload from any device, whether it be laptop, tablet, or smartphone. As our premier product at ATEL, CloudDesktop is making waves in businesses and will only grow in popularity from here on out. Through our partnership with Citrix, our Cloud hosted desktops utilize state of the art technology to provide enhanced user features such as smooth roaming across devices (touch or keyboard), single sign-on across services, and high-definition experiences regardless of connection type. Cloud hosting with CloudDesktop also means information security and quick uptime after service lapse from natural or man-made disasters. Your data is not only flexibly accessed but also backed up to a fail proof system.  

Another reason to choose CloudDesktop is for the customization and supreme customer service you receive from ATEL. Customers can select and add their own desired apps to their desktop package in the cloud and pay for it on a monthly scale up or down basis. Software upgrades occur automatically and quickly while saving you money, as customers pay only for what they use, adjusting as needed. At ATEL, customer satisfaction is our priority, which means you receive 24/7/365  technical support and care. Our Cloud Help Desk experts work with customers to solve any issues and make the user experience as hassle-free as possible, leaving you free to focus on the growth and progress of your business.

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