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The Problem: A Sudden Dependence on Remote Workforce and Online Business Operations

Companies everywhere were launched into a world where they had no choice but to operate remotely. Now that a new normal is forming, it is obvious to many businesses that their dependence on remote workforce solutions is here to stay.

The sudden dependence on remote workforce solutions impacts every aspect of Business Operations. Companies need ways to move physical workflows into digital workflows. Applications and data must be accessible through the cloud. The entire portfolio must be secured and protected.

The Solution: ATEL Communications ensures that customers stay connected and productive, but in a manner that is secure and protected.

Connected & Productive

  • Collaboration Products
  • Virtual Desktops & Virtual Servers
  • Cloud Servers
  • Workflow Automation
  • Document Management and Digital Signatures


  • Office 365 Backup
  • Virtual Desktop & Virtual Server Backup
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


  • Firewalls & Security Software
  • Security Operations Center


ATEL works with companies that have had to launch a remote workforce in response to COVID-19. We help these companies stay (connected, productive, secure, protected). If you have an hour this week, we can schedule a call to go over your options.

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