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July 17th, 2017 by admin

Data servers in a data center

If you've been watching the news, you will have noticed the increased reporting on ransomware. These and other cyber threats are finding security holes and vulnerabilities in software to attack whole networks. To inform users about the many ways they could be at risk, many news channels are showing specials on better IT security and malware prevention measures. They aim to inform and help protect their viewers from inadvertently spreading threats or falling into traps.

One important element of fighting back against these threats is knowing what they are called and how they spread:

  • Malware: a threat that aims to "disrupt or disable computers or networks. It can take the form of a virus or a worm"
  • Virus: spread by "sending emails, sharing files, downloading an infected file or inserting a USB stick" into an infected machine. This means that the average user can help to prevent its spread by scanning files and emails before sharing.
  • Worms: can spread on their own throughout the network and can be combated with enterprise-level security measures.
  • Phishing: steals sensitive data, such as financial, healthcare, or personal information.
  • Ransomware: software and hackers use vulnerabilities in your software to capture your data and lock it up. Then they hold it ransom, compromising your data and security.

That may all sound scary, but we here to help! Your partners at ATEL can provide the consultations and solution to protect you from cyber threats like the ones we've described. Don't wait for an attack on your IT!

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