How ATEL Communications Got a Client Over Half a Million Dollars in Savings

June 25th, 2019 by admin

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Our clients are looking for innovative, cutting-edge technology with results that will save them money. We can get your business set up with feature-rich systems in addition to saving you money and increasing overall profits. Earlier this year ATEL Communications acquired a deal with an 8-location health facility that staffs over 120 employees. Leasing their old phone system and outsourcing their network and IT, they were in a contract with a provider costing them upwards of between 19-20K each month for services. They agreed that this was one of the costliest expenses that the health facility had, so we conducted an assessment resulting in an overall reduced monthly IT invoice to compensate for the losses they had incurred.

The Solution:

We did a complete overhaul of their systems and services to reduce their monthly costs and bills. Starting with switching their analog phone systems to a cloud-based hosted system that included features like call center, free calling between offices, voicemail integration and more; further increasing overall productivity and business efficiency. In addition, we were able to cut the cost of their voice lines by almost 50%.

Next, we set the health facility up with a different network provider as their previous provider was overcharging for their services. Our new service installation included fiber, and a constructed redundant active failover solution utilizing cable and 4G– this was a huge step up from the old circuits used by their previous provider. By upgrading to modern and updated systems as well as installing SDWAN devices throughout their campuses, we cut their network costs by over 55% and saved the facilities over $12,000 per month after installation.

The total value of savings for this client was $720,000 over 5 years with only their network and communication systems. ATEL Communications is currently in talks of including managed IT solutions for our client to further increase their overall savings with features that will take their business to the next level.

Do you want a complete managed solution to free up resources so you can focus on your business? Let us do a comprehensive assessment of your systems, bills, and providers to get you the best deal.

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