Let ATEL Check Your Pipes!

December 5th, 2013 by admin

Has anyone in your office complained that the Internet is slow? Do you download a file and wonder why it takes so long for a small file or why an email files take forever to send? Now your IT Company might be asking you to put your phones on VoIP. That means that your phone calls will travel over the Internet. Is that a reliable solution? Do you want to bunch up your phone calls with your already slow web surfing, music streaming downloading Internet Services? Is your Internet 1.5 Mbps? What does that mean? Is the Cable Company offering a 10 Mbps download but only 1 Mbps upload? Why is it a different speed in each direction? Is that Reliable? We have the answer to why and what to do about it. Now you have one reliable source for all questions about Internet Bandwidth and Hosted or VoIP Phones. Don't get services from some web site with no local presence. Is your IT guy really trained in phone system installation, maintenance and repair? ATEL has 30 years' experience with phones, cabling, Internet and VoIP. bits talk to an expert

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