Meet The People Who (Invisibly) Love to Keep Your Computers Working

March 11th, 2010 by admin

Computers are great - especially when you never have to think about them. And it's not your job to think about them, right? Your job, as a business owner or manager, is to do what you do best - for your customers. (And when you're business is frozen because you're fixing your own computers you're not helping your own customers with what they pay you for, right?)

So how can you make that happen? How can you engage an invisible army to keep your computers, computer networks and critical business applications all working - all the time?

Who are the people that make this work behind the scenes? 

Glad you asked! ATEL is pleased to introduce you to the invisible work force working in our network operations center or "NOC" who love nothing more than to spend their day thinking of ten more things they can do to ensure your computer network does not break down next week, at the worst possible moment for your business.

Click the link below to go on a video tour of ATEL's NOC and meet the folk who really do love your computers and your computer network from afar. (These are not normal people - they're exceptional people!) 

Click to watch Scott Kaufmann give a video tour of YOUR network operations center

Want to explore how we can save your company money by having these people prevent your next computer network problem BEFORE it happens? 

Give ATEL a call at 800-500-ATEL.

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