Mobile Office Workers

September 19th, 2013 by admin

mobile office workers

Does your company need office desks, office computers and office phones for some outside sales employees?

When they're on their office phone they're talking to someone in another location so are they better off out in the field on a cell phone remote or at a desk stuck in one place? This is a tough call for many small business owners as many believe that their employees will only be productive under a watchful eye of a manager and that can only be accomplished inside the confines of a physical office. But some sales and support employees must be out meeting customers, clients or networking. How can you integrate the desk phone with the cell phone and have what is called Unified Communications? ATEL has the answer.

Mobility & Productivity Lessons from the "Great Recession"

Several recent articles relating to remote workers seem to suggest that workers with repetitive tasks to perform are most productive in an office while workers in a sales role or who are required to generate more creative work product are more productive outside the office. This also includes workers who need to work from home due to child care or other personal reasons. One sure lesson that the Great Recession has taught us is that businesses can continue to increase worker productivity and profits with fewer employees. What's making this possible? Largely business communication technology advances that allow one employee to do the work that two employees used to do – many workers are more efficient away from the office desk!

Can Your Office Take Advantage of Productivity Through Mobility? Call Us to Find Out!

Give ATEL a call at 858-646-4600 ask for a sales assistant to see which of your employees can be "made mobile" and more productive. As experienced telecom agents and independent carrier sales partners we've worked with hundreds of business clients grappling with some of the same communications problems you're facing now. We can help you learn how your productivity problems can be overcome by mobilizing key employees utilizing recent business communication technology advances.

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