Office Relocation during the Pandemic: What Businesses Need to Know First

April 1st, 2022 by admin

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As a result of the Pandemic, more workers telecommute, and some businesses are choosing to downsize or relocate to other parts of the country where leasing is less costly. This need to move makes sense; however, it’s probably best to understand the pros and cons of making a move during these perilous times.

First, it is possible to stick to a move plan set before COVID-19, but with some basic modifications. Moving companies must take additional safety precautions to minimize the threat of exposure to the Coronavirus disease such as educating and testing staff as well as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) during meetings and walkthroughs. Project managers are also encouraged to call the Point of Contact before the move to announce the crew’s arrival and give the client time to minimize the number of personnel present. Project managers can also maintain virtual contact to keep the client informed of the move’s progress and use a video conferencing app to answer any questions that might require visual confirmation.

Can my current Internet and Voice Services be moved to the new address? Are there better options available at the new office?

Selecting a small business internet service is no easy task. When it comes to small business internet providers, there’s no shortage of options, from large communications companies to small cable providers to discount start- ups.

So, what’s the best internet for your businesses? It depends on your specific needs, and there are several considerations business owners need to take into account. Many seek a provider that balances reliable, fast, and simple internet that also meets the budget. After all, communication is the foundation for good business. In our digital world, fast and reliable connectivity is critical for instant access to customers and suppliers.

Here at ATEL Communications, we have helped many customers find better Telco Options. Additionally, we have assisted many customers with moving their current Voice and Internet services. A lot of times, Small Business Owners are always watching their bottom line, so they are more focused on Value & Cost. Meanwhile, Enterprise Businesses focus on speed and uptime for certain applications. Whatever the needs are, ATEL Communications has a network of providers that we can either refer to or help manage the ordering process. Usually, the options available to the customer can depend on where the new office is located. Cable, Fiber, Point to Point Wireless, 5G Wireless, Satellite Wireless, DSL, and or Ethernet are the many options available today. Each technology is different, and more importantly, their installation times are different, so make sure to give your self ample time of researching & placing an order before your move date arrives.

Who do we contact to help move our IT, Networking and voice equipment?

Whether your IT department consists of one person, or you have a Managed IT Provider who will do the majority of the work for you, it’s essential that you plan each detail of your office move precisely and far enough in advance. Keep in mind that many carriers require long lead times for installation, so planning your IT relocation is not something you want to leave until the last minute.

Your IT Checklist:

  1. Plan your IT relocation well in advance.
  2. Evaluate your equipment.
  3. Assess your communications requirements.
  4. Prepare your site visit checklist.
  5. Consider your telecommunication options.
  6. Protect your data.
  7. Prepare for Move Day.
  8. Test your new office’s network.

ATEL Communications has been in business for well over 38 years now, and we have plenty of experience with helping our customers move in a timely/efficient manner. ATEL Communications has helped many customers in The City of San Diego and all across the country as well. Whether you need help with moving your IT and or Voice equipment, referring a local IT vendor to help set-up your new location, or you need assistance with finding a faster and more reliable internet connection, then please let us help you today. Contact us and speak to one of our move specialists now.

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