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October 14th, 2020 by admin

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With fall now upon us, and with medical experts predicting a second COVID-19 wave, the need for increased precautions at businesses has grown. Additionally, the need for improved productivity and efficiency among remote workforces has grown. At ATEL Communications, we understand that some companies, such as grocery stores, need to remain open to the general public. We have solutions for your business that can assist in ensuring your employees' safety and your customers.

Go Safe Thermal Cameras

Our thermal cameras work as a body temperature scanner and a facial recognition scanner. The system will alert the customer if they are running a temperature or not wearing a mask. This system can be integrated into an access control system to deny entry to people who are running a temperature or refusing to wear a mask. Having this functionality will help to keep your employees safe by not needing them to stand at the doors and attempt to deny entry to customers. Additionally, your business won't need to schedule someone to be at the entrance, and they will be able to complete work-related tasks instead. Your business will be more productive and safe because of this extremely critical technology.

Cloud Servers

If your business has moved to a remote model, it is time to migrate to the cloud. Moving to the cloud can save your company money by allowing you to reduce your office square footage and do away with an office altogether. The cloud is much more efficient and provides the capability to scale to demand quickly and efficiently. With on-premise servers, you would need to order additional servers, but the cloud enables dynamic scaling. Now your company can meet demand without a loss in productivity.

With businesses needing solutions to stay safe and productive, ATEL Communications can help. We offer cloud solutions to increase your remote workforce's productivity as well as reduce costs. If your business is open to the public, or you are choosing to have employees come into the office, thermal imaging and facial recognition cameras provide the protection your business needs to avoid an outbreak. Contact ATEL Communications to learn more about our cutting-edge solutions.

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