Want to Keep Competitors From Talking to Your Best Customers? Talk to them more yourself via web conferencing!

March 20th, 2012 by admin

Talk-to-your-customers-more-with-web-conferencing When your best customers don't have any problems they don't want to talk to any salesperson. When they do have a problem they want to talk to the very next sales person they think might be able to solve their problem. And that's a BIG problem -- for you!   Web Conferencing Keeps Your Best Salespeople in Front of Your Best Customers Your main and ongoing advantage over your competitors when it comes to your customer's limited attention span for "sales pitches" on new solutions or solution upgrades is that your best customers have already purchased from you and probably even like you. While your "after sale margins" on one customer or another may not afford you the ability to have your best salespeople physically visit "sold customers" after the sale, you can achieve almost the same effect with a monthly "lunch and learn" webinar that you can invite all your best customers to dial-into via their computers or phones. In the comfort of their own offices, your clients and prospects can see the latest and greatest solutions that you and your vendors are bringing to market. Even an emailed or phoned invitation to your customers to register them for a monthly solution webinar is another "touch" that re-establishes your credibility and expertise with customers you've already sold to and prospects you've already presented to. If your sales people are too busy or too shy to get on your own monthly customer "lunch and learn" webinar invite your best suppliers or vendors to pony up one of their sales people for a short 10-slide solution webinar that showcases a recent customer case study.   Using Web Conferencing to Onboard All New Customers Ensures QA and Decreases Buyer's Remorse (and makes customers feel they're still important after the sale) It's one thing for your VP of Customer Service to say their door's always open for customers but it's a completely different thing for the VP of Customer service (and maybe the president of comapny as well) to actually be on the "new customer welcome call" in the form of a web conference. While it might be too much to get every important VP and the President in the same room with every new customer, getting them to drop in on a new customer web conference for just 10-minutes shows your new customers that everyone in the company is interested in the new customer getting the best quality "after purchase" service so much so that they take time to drop in on the new customer indoctrination call. When your new customers, your old customers and even your prospects feel like they are important enough to merit the time of your busiest and best executives in a conference call, you'll have little trouble keeping your competitors out of your best customer's field of view.   Call Us Today to Try Out An Audio & Web Conference Solution that Pays for Itself Audio or web conferencing is not the 50 cents per minute per caller solution you may remember from the past. Many solutions today are "flat rate" meaning there is a flat monthly fee for unlimited conferencing usage while other conference solutions charge only pennies per minute for toll free 800 access to the conference bridge if that's deemed to be the best way to get your customers into the conference. No one conference solution fits all business customers though so give ATEL a call at 858-646-4600 to see what conferencing solution is best suited for your unique business needs.  ATEL works with multiple conferencing providers and we'll be able to tailor the right solution for you budget.

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