Who's Watching Your Back While You're Away?

April 21st, 2014 by admin

Do you ever feel a slight twinge of anxiety when you leave your workplace for the day? Are you worried about what may happen while you're gone?

Unfortunately, for those worried about security and protection, it's unfeasible to be in two places at once. You can't make a trip home for the day and expect to know exactly what's going on in every nook and cranny of the businesses. You can install locks and alarm systems which have driven down the number of burglaries over the years, but nothing is completely dependable.

If you want to be able to actually see what is happening while you're away, CCTV security cameras may put your mind at ease. Video surveillance allows you monitor or record activity in and around a given area for many different reasons. Maybe you have a retail store that you need an entry/exit point examined more regularly or perhaps you manage a park that has been a victim to vandalism and needs more surveillance.

This is where ATEL can help! Allow us to ease some of your burden by helping calm those worries and what-ifs by taking a proactive approach to protecting your business.

ATEL's hospitality division offers CCTV installation. Our CCTV Video Surveillance Systems is perfect for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Parks

Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, motel or store, the safety of your guests and employees is of the utmost importance along with the general security during off hours. ATEL is able to design and install CCTV surveillance systems that can assist in preventing theft and improve the safety and reputation of your workplace. Comprehensive surveillance systems can also help reduce your insurance costs and fraudulent liability claims. Time and date stamped images are fitting for any insurance claims.CCTV security systems can be monitored in a variety of ways designed to suit the needs of your business.

Whether you want to have remote access or have a dedicated monitoring station, ATEL will design and install a solution.

Let ATEL help take away some of those pangs of anxiety and speak to an ATEL CCTV specialist today to start the process!

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