"Why ATEL?" Steven Handelman, ATEL President Responds

March 11th, 2010 by admin

ATEL Website  Let ATEL's President Steven Handelman answer your hardest questions first. 

"Why ATEL?"

There's a lot of companies that say they can help you with your phones, computers and technology but you want to know,

"What makes ATEL different?"

In short, at ATEL, we don't sell you what we have to sell, we share with you all your options for fixing or addressing your challenges. Sometimes you don't need to put out any money at all. Sometimes you can do something that will actually lower your monthly expenses. 

At ATEL, we DON'T SELL, we SHARE INFORMATION about all your possible solutions.

Click the video below to hear this philosophy directly from ATEL President Steven Handelman.

ATEL President Steven Handelman on "Why ATEL?"

Ready to put ATEL to work at sharing options with you? Call 858-646-4600

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