Why OneScreen GoSafe Is the Best Option for Keeping Your Business Safe

July 20th, 2020 by admin

Smiling Man Being Scanned by Facial Recognition Software

Many local businesses are slowly starting to carefully re-open and work can start once more in the office, as quarantine is gradually being lifted for essential places. However, they still need to keep their workspace safe and secure for their employees. That's where OneScreen GoSafe body temperature & facial recognition scanner comes in to keep ensure the safety of your offices, hospitals, and public spaces.

OneScreen GoSafe is a Qualcomm-based device that scans for temperature, mask presence, and does facial recognition. It's the best available option for keeping your office space safe as it re-opens. Here are 5 reasons why its the right choice for any business:

1. The Device Is Built with Better Tech

  • The only product in this category made with Qualcomm Technologies (Snapdragon Octa Core)
  • Snapdragon delivers the fastest, most reliable scan
  • Snapdragon delivers onboard AI for the most secure data processing

2. Added Software for Better User Experience

  • Centralized management for multiple devices and scan data
  • Real-time email alerts to select recipients with results of an individual’s scan
  • Supports multiple interfaces for automatic doors and access control systems

3. Unparalleled Support & Service

  • Free, unlimited, live help, training, and set up support
  • API integration assistance available
  • Screen Skills Guru service is provided with all OneScreen products including GoSafe

4. Better Purchase Options

  • Available at affordable prices for outright purchase
  • Available as a monthly subscription with minimum 12 month commitment and affordable monthly pricing
  • One time delivery and account set up fee

You'll find no other system that allows you to securely scan and prevent people with elevated temperatures or no mask from entering, and while maintaining a safe distance. Get OneScreen GoSafe with ATEL Communications and keep your offices, hospitals, and public spaces protected.

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