Wondering Where Comcast Fits Into Your Voice & Data Mix? Ask a Professional Telecom Agent

June 21st, 2011 by admin

Comcast BusinessBy Dan Baldwin, Editor If your business is in an area served by Comcast you've probably at least tried them at home for your local phone service or TV service. Now you're likely wondering, "How can their business voice and data services help my business solutions?" Well wonder no more because Comcast has recently become "telecom industry friendly" by allowing their business services to be distributed by professional telecom agents and other independent IT voice and data consultants. Why is it important that Comcast distribute their business services through professional telecom agents and IT consultants? So telecom agents and IT consultants can give business customers an honest and independent evaluation as to how Comcast's suite of business services solutions should be integrated in the customer's mix of voice and data solutions. (Now I'm sure that the direct W-2 salespersons working for Comcast Business have their customer's best interests in mind but they are not likely to recommend or even know about a non-Comcast solution even if it's in a customer's best interest.) Professional telecom agents and IT consultants represent (and get paid by) all the major voice and data service providers. This preserves their independence and adds diversity to their recommendations which ultimately saves the customer money as well as provides for a more robust solution.

Comcast1 So if you're thinking about Comcast, you can now call your independent telecom agent or IT professional to get a quote. Chances are you're going to get the Comcast availability confirmation and price quote quicker from an authorized Comcast Business agent than you would get the same information from Comcast direct.

Following is some additional background information about Comcast provided by Telarus, a national Comcast Business partner that provides "real-time" availability and price quotes.

"Comcast is the largest cable operator and third-largest telephone company in America, providing broadband internet, telephone service, and cable television to businesses in 19 markets nationwide, covering 39 states.

"Comcast Business, launched in 2009, originally targeted businesses with less than 20 employees. Today Comcast Business is targeting POTS and PRI together, with plans to move even higher upstream into metro Ethernet and SIP. You can sell Comcast Business with confidence because there are no leased lines between your customer and Comcast, who manages their own network end-to-end.

For more information about how Comcast Business fits into your voice and data solution mix, contact an authorized Comcast Business Class solutions provider. This blog post, headlines, keywords and HTML is copyright protected by Office Technology Marketing Association. OTMA011  

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