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Some of our most popular features include:

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One of the key benefits of choosing CloudConnect is our ability to dependably provision your communications "off-net", meaning you can bring your own bandwidth and still use the CloudConnect Hosted PBX system without going through the painful process of changing out your entire IP infrastructure.

Your new Polycom IP phones come pre-configured and ready to be connected to the Internet. Our unique hosted solution can accommodate any bandwidth source from any location in the world so we can support a company's branch offices whether it's located in Peoria, Paris, or Peru.

  • Administrator Portal
  • Web Based Dashboard and Toolbar
  • Call Forwarding 3 Way Calling
  • Intercom Transfer
  • Hold
  • Voice Mail Included
  • Keep Existing Local Phone Numbers
  • No phone companies, no long distance charges
  • Cisco QoS Routers with WiFi Available
  • Free 24 Hour Technical Support
  • Each User Portal
  • Call Blocking
  • Blind Transfer
  • Park and Park Pickup
  • Multiple Lines Per Phone
  • DID Numbers Included
  • Keep Existing Toll Free Numbers
  • Employees work anywhere there's an Internet connection
  • Installation By Professional Technicians
One Source Solution