Office Moving

Let ATEL Communications Take Care Of Your Business Move or Expansion.

If you're thinking about moving or expanding ATEL has the solution for you.

Since 1985 ATEL Communications has been assisting customers in the task of relocating and expanding their businesses. With so many years of experience, we have become specialists.

Business Moving Services

Anyone who has ever planned and executed a company move or expansion knows you'll need to engage many vendors to ensure a smooth transition. These include movers, furniture specialists, tenant improvement contractors, space planners, internet specialists, data vendors, and of course a trustworthy phone system vendor.

ATEL's team of estimators, project managers, technicians and installers provide the following products & services for customers that are relocating or expanding:

ATEL's relationships with other contributing vendors such as IT companies, moving companies, and furniture specialists are also at your disposal. Begin your next relocation or expansion project by calling ATEL. After all, it's really all about getting a good night's sleep.

Be prepared to move by requesting our FREE Moving Checklist!

"We had been in the same building for 22 years. Atel was able to decipher our many layers of changes and implement a streamlined system at our new location. To top it off they saved us $350.00 a month on our carrier services."

Here are just a few of ATEL's other services you may need while moving or expanding your business:
Phone Systems, Cabling, IT Services, Hosted Phone Service, and CCTV Video Surveillance