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It's time to upgrade your NEC SV8100

Your communications system may be getting past its prime or it's already there! As a valued customer of ours, we would like to keep you informed on the latest information regarding your NEC communications system. On October 2, 2015, NEC announced end-of-life of their UNIVERGE SV8100 - End-of-Sale was December 31, 2015; End-of Support/Maintenance (EOS/EOM) is December 31, 2018.

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We know the decision to move to a new communications system is sometimes a difficult one to make. Economic pressures may have led you to delay its upgrade or replacement, but there comes a point in time where you need to weigh both the financial and business/productivity perspectives. Retaining outdated equipment can essentially increase your IT costs, prevent users from being as productive as they could be, and most importantly - put your business at risk! If your communications go down - your business shuts down!

Is Your Business at Risk Running an Outdated PBX?

Highlighted are some of the benefits to be gained from migrating your UNIVERGE SV8100 to the new UNIVERGE SV9100.

Your Communications System Works Fine Now, But...

What if it Breaks Down after End-of-Support/Maintenance?

So, what if your current system breaks down after EOS/EOM? The business costs of downtime add up quickly. Besides the fact that service, parts and updated software are no longer available, downtime can result in customer dissatisfaction and loss, damaged reputation and costs related to regaining your reputation. From the Ponemon Institute's research report*, costs associated with outages FY 2016 were as follows:

outage costs chart

Can your business afford to take this risk?

To sleep peacefully at night again, ATEL has made the migration to the UNIVERGE SV9100 simple while protecting your existing investment! We are currently offering great incentives to upgrade now that may not be available the closer we get to EOS/EOM. Please call us today to begin discussion and planning on what your business needs are now and in the future. We can tailor an NEC solution to meet your specific requirements.

Learn more about the NEC SV9100 »

Let us assist you in developing and implementing a UC strategy specifically tailored to your current business needs. If you're interested in speaking with one of our NEC solution experts, please let us know. We are happy to help!