Hybrid Business Phone Systems

Hybrid business phones combine the best of both worlds from traditional premise phone systems and from cloud business phones. This combination allows you to use infrastructure you’ve invested in and also reap the benefits of innovations from VoIP.

A hybrid business phone next to a computer in focus, with a man using the phone system out of focus

Hybrid might be the right choice if you:

  • Have updated infrastructure but are looking for flexibility benefits of cloud phones
  • Want a redundant system that is available during disaster situations, ensuring business continuity
  • Are looking for a phone system that offers both mobility and stability
  • Need a solution to update an older phone system across a large organization without having to complete a total rip-and-replace

See which providers and technology we've selected that combine on-premise and hybrid phone technology. These are the partners that we’ve chosen based on their high reliability, delivery success and standard of quality.

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