Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner

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OneScreen GoSafe

OneScreen GoSafe, Qualcomm-based device
GoSafe System In Use

Go safely back into public spaces.

Introducing OneScreen GoSafe, a Qualcomm-based device. Scan for temperature, mask presence and facial recognition.

Why GoSafe?

  • Securely scan in less than one second with onboard AI on Qualcomm processor
  • The only scanner with live video assistance for real-time entry approval
  • Provides access control integration for automatic doors
  • Centralized management for multiple scanners, data, and attendance
  • Integration with attendance tracking for employees or students
  • Add optional peripherals like ID card & fingerprint scanners
  • Outright purchase or monthly subscription options
  • Free, unlimited help & training
Thermal Imaging Devices

Securely scan and prevent people with elevated temperatures or no mask from entering your offices, hospitals and public spaces.

3 Operation Modes

  • Stand-alone offline
  • LAN managed
  • Cloud managed

Customizable Setting

  • Body temperature level
  • On/Off facial recognition
  • On/Off mask presence
  • On/Off card reader

Access Control

Allow entry based on temperature, mask detection, facial recognition, ID card or via remote approval

Device attachment measurements
Measurement icon

1.6' - 3.2'

Accurate temperature measurement distance

Clock icon

0.3 - 1 second

Temperature read & facial recognition speed

Facial Recognition icon


Face storage capacity

Thermometer icon

+/- 0.9F

Temperature accuracy

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