Secure WiFi Solutions

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In today's technological world, WiFi has moved beyond "nice to have" to "necessity". Whether you're an organization that has retail space where customers visit and require access to WiFi or an office that needs to provide ways to mobilize your workforce, there are few (if any) businesses that can get away without WiFi while maintaining business continuity. The challenge is offering a secure WiFi environment that blocks unauthorized users while allowing easy and consistent service to customers, partners and team members. Enter ATEL Communications.

You might want to consider WiFi if:

  • Providing mobility for your employees can improve productivity
  • You want customers to remain in your retail space for longer periods of time
  • Your workforce uses multiple mobile and desktop devices throughout the day
  • You are in an educational environment interested in BYOD or 1:1 learning methods
  • Your team can benefit from applications and communication tools on their iPhone, Android, or Windows device

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