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Call Analyst

Call Reporting Solution

Call Analyst by TriVium Systems is a call tracking and management solution that allows small-to-mid-sized businesses to track and analyze telephone traffic, help users spot excess usage problems and provide opportunities for operational improvements.

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Sonic View

Call Recording Solution

Call recording is a valuable tool to help businesses improve customer service, increase agent productivity and meet legal, training & security requirements. SonicView is a real-time, flexible call recording tool, allowing agents the ability to annotate and tag calls for review if needed. Supervisors can easily search and review specific agent recordings. SonicView provides flexible mixed-mode (automatic and on-demand) recording options based on department or agent needs.

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Call Analyst Sonic

Call Reporting and Call Recording Unified

CallAnalystSonic offers best of both call reporting and call recording. The solution offers all the advanced Business Productivity applications offered by CallAnalyst product and records calls on PRI trunks. This unified application helps you with just one application and server cutting your maintenance, training needs and hence the total cost of ownership.

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