Access Control Systems

Man in business attire typing in passcode into access control for a door

Atel Communications, Inc. designs, fabricates, installs, and supports feature-rich access control systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. Trust us to provide you with systems that offer encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations. We serve commercial, corporate, industrial, and much more!

Key Features of Our Access Control Systems

  • Grants easy control of access points, including doors, gates, parking garages, elevators, production areas, data centers, research labs, operating suites, and more
  • Facilitates flexible access scheduling
  • Provides customized forms and templates to edit and manage personnel access rights
  • Permits effective identification through photo badging or biometrics
  • Allows you to grant permission-based access to designated security zones
  • Provides single-card systems allowing decentralized control of security zones
  • Serves to be a flexible, programmable, scalable, and networkable solution
  • Provides seamless integration with other security applications, badging systems, and personnel records
  • Provides interoperability with third-party devices, easy expansion, and future-proof investment, because our systems are based on open protocols

Our Tamper-Proof Physical Security Options

  • Biometric access: Refers to the technology that helps identify an individual electronically on the basis of their unique biological characteristics
  • Card and or key fob access: Refers to the technique defined to monitor and control entry access to the premises of the buildings
  • Digital keypad access: Refers to the technique in which keycodes are issued instead of keys to the family members or employees
  • Telephone access: Refers to the system that helps manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through the premises of a specific location

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