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Pro Back Office, LLC

Thank you for everything. Your team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, responsive and professional. The system is working GREAT.

Michael La Moureaux

B. Wood Insurance Agency

Steve Handelman is the expert on this. He has handled our phone system as well as many of our clients and showed us the benefits and drawbacks of the VOIP systems. We ended up going with Vonage Business via Steve and his firm Atel and have loved it.

Ben Wood

Craig A. Rothermel, J.D., CPA

Awesome! Thank you so much, you have amazing customer service skills. Atel is the best.

Kelli Roseberry

Barrister Executive Suites

ATEL always provides top notch service! We enjoy working with Kathy and Skyler. ATEL is our "go to" for all cabling needs, techwork, etc.

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M. Bailey
Barrister Executive Suites

San Diego American Indian Health Center

I had an issue, where users couldn't log into one of our menus. Skylar gave me a call back and was very professional. He took care of my issue quickly. Good stuff, is all I have to say. So thank you to Skylar!

Shawn Ersman
San Diego American Indian Health Center

The Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel has worked with ATEL Hospitality Communications since the hotel opened in San Diego in 2007. ATEL has consulted with us on many different telecom, data, and systems needs.

I would recommend ATEL's services and consulting for any Hotel or Management company who will appreciate on-going support in these important areas of operations.

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Brent Takemiya
IT Manager - Hard Rock Hotel

Hotel Managers Group

HMG has been utilizing ATEL Hospitality Communications for their expertise and consulting in servicing many of our properties for Telecom Systems, Voice, Data & Internet needs for the past 10 years.

ATEL has demonstrated their ability to provide us a high level of on-going support and follow up on multiple projects. I would recommend ATEL's services and consulting for any hotel or hotel Management Company.

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Joel Biggs, C.H.A.
President & CEO
HMG Hotels

Quality Inn & Suites

I was looking to switch my phone company so Dave from your company found a really affordable carrier to replace my existing carrier. In this process Angelica Hernandez was assigned to me to complete installation process including scheduling and everything. She has done an outstanding job from beginning up to end. I am giving her 5 stars. She is valuable assets to your company. Thank you again Angelica for doing an outstanding job and helping us out.

Quality Inn & Suites

The Oceanscience Group

Thank you for the summary and thank you all for the excellent service we've received throughout our relocation. Although we were dealing with several different people for the various aspects of our move, everything happened on schedule, every detail was covered, and we could not be more pleased with your excellent coordinated service.

We've already referred the new tenants at our old site to Dave Sugino, and we'll continue to recommend your company whenever IT services arise in discussion.

Thanks again for this excellent service.

Best regards,

Mike Wilson
General Manager


ATEL is the best provider of business voice and data network services in San Diego. There are very experienced sales partners for all the phone and Internet service providers like AT&T, Cox, Verizon and all the others. If you buy your business phone, data and Internet services directly from a carrier sales person you'll be paying too much. ATEL is able to broker all the carriers against one another to ensure the lowest price. ATEL is also much better that the carrier direct sales people when it comes to designing a wide area network for a business with multiple locations. If you want to get all your data, Internet and phone system solutions from one vendor to minimize all the finger pointing then ATEL is your vendor in San Diego county.

Dan B.

Bonded Carpet

I wanted to call and tell you how pleased I am with ATEL Communications. I feel so fortunate that I can call one place and get all my communications looked after. You guys helped me out with Pacific Tel, you sold me the NEC system and the software that supports it, which is so key to me, and the service. But most of all I love the fact that you don’t leave me hanging and when I have a question I can speak to you or one of your other people who have the answer and can point me in the right direction and help me get to the final pint where I want to be. Thank You.

Mitch Adler
Bonded Carpet

Evolution Hospitality

Evolution Hospitality has worked with ATEL Hospitality Communications since 2006. Our first project together was opening the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego in 2007. On this huge project, ATEL consulted with us on the Telecom/Voice, Internet and Systems needs....

I would recommend ATEL's services and consulting for any Hotel or management Company who will appreciate on-going support and follow-up for these important areas of operations.

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Gerard Forster
Vice President of IT
Evolution Hospitality

Pro Pacific Pest Control

ATEL has been a great company to work with from beginning to end. From our salesperson, Denise, to the techs following up to make sure everything is working properly after installation.

They worked hard to get us the answers we needed, find the products which would best meet our needs, schedule the installation and training around our hectic schedule, and follow up and take care of any problems or issues we have had in a timely manner. I would recommend them to any business looking to invest in a business phone system but not knowing where to start.

ATEL will take you from start to finish and help you understand the complicated world of telecommunications every step of the way. Thanks ATEL!


Hazard Construction Company

To Whom it May Concern:

Hazard Construction has been very pleased with the overall high level of services and tech support that ATEL Communications has provided for our company since 2004.

ATEL's professional staff & technicians have been very responsive and attentive to our Telecommunications PBX/Systems and Voice & Data/IP needs when required.

Our Dedicated Account Manager- Dave Sugino has provided us excellent support when called upon.

We would highly recommend ATEL Communications for their services and have enjoyed our long-term successful relationship.


Rick McDonald
IT Manager

Continental Maritime of San Diego

I just wanted to commend you and your staff for providing excellent service and support. The recent installation of the NEC SV8300 and UM8700 system went extremely well. Steve A. and Carson's expertise and professionalism made for a near seamless transition from the old system to the new. As always, it’s good to know, that we have ATEL taking care of our account.

Thanks again for all your help.

Bob Montreuil
Facilities Manager

Mission Valley Resort

The Mission Valley Resort has been utilizing ATEL Communications for the past 4-years in servicing our hotel for Telecommunications, PBX Systems and Voice & Internet Services.

ATEL has been responsive and professional in handling our past and current needs.

Our Account Manager - Dave Sugino has provided us with excellent support and follows up with us in addressing all our Telecommunications, Systems & Network needs.

ATEL also provided us a free Telco/Carrier Audit and identified services and higher costs that we eliminated upon their recommendations.

We are happy with the overall high level of services and their Customer Service & Tech support provided for us - 24/7/365.

I would be happy to recommend ATEL Hospitality Communications for any of their services.


Mike Hensley
General Manager

Douglas Wilson Companies

On April 29, 2011, I called ATEL Communications to see if there is a possibility of a service technician coming out to the downtown San Diego law offices of Hervey & Wood and moving the existing Toshiba Telephone System to a different suite, suite 600. This was a last minute job that needed special care and attention, and left the client a little panicky. I spoke to Kathy Stigall, and although she was unable to accommodate me on that day due to such a short notice, she worked her magic and had a technician, Monty, available to come out first thing Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 8am! Saturday morning Monty showed up @ 8 am ready to do the work. I quickly showed Monty what needed to be done and he said "no problem we can have this done fast and pain free", and I let him go on. I have to take a minute and speak about Monty and his approach and service.

I could probably write a whole paragraph but I am going to sum it up in couple of key points. Monty showed up on time, was compassionate towards our issue, showed empathy and on top of all that, he got the job done in less time than originally quoted, amazing! He knew exactly how to handle it, and how important it is for the client to be fully operational when he leaves and he did it!

Just a great job, Monty. Not only that, but on the following Tuesday the client had an issue with the AT&T and could not get the phone to ring, so I reached out to Kathy again, explained the situation and asked for Monty to come back that day to help us out again. She said she would try and do it but Monty was pretty booked up. Later on that afternoon Monty just showed up and in 15 min everything was working!

So after everything was complete and the client was up and running, I can say that I was extremely pleased with the ATEL Communications and the way they've handled the job. They listened to our problem, built a rapport with me, they understood the importance of the issue, and last but not least they were compassionate and they got the job done!

Thank you ATEL Communications!

Amir H.
IT System Administrator

S R Green & Associates

I have found working with your staff the BEST of any interconnect with whom I currently work. This would include but not necessarily be in this order, Steve Anderson, Barry, Kathy and Carson.

They have been most affable and cooperative and I really enjoy working with them.


Tridea Partners

ATEL Communications,

Monte was great (our experience with Daryl has always been great as well). You've got a talented and very personable team there at ATEL and have always been flexible with scheduling (even when our planning is a bit lacking). Thanks for your help with the office move.

Andy Collins

City of Chula Vista

ATEL Communications,

Just want to let you know that it was a pleasure working with Skylar today. I appreciate your flexibility, and Skylar's ability to adapt to the last minute changes. He was helpful in coming up with a solution that worked for all involved.

W. Scott Bernard
Operations & Telecommunications Manager

Comfort Inn I-805 Naval Base

ATEL Communications,

I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you know how much I appreciate our ATEL technician, Philip. He is always very attention to detail oriented, thorough, friendly and professional every time he provides services for our hotel. I cannot express enough how great his quality of work, and knowledge he has about our systems. I can count on him to get the job done and get it done right the first time. He deserves recognition for a job well done!

Monika Ganshorn
General Manager

DCLA of La Jolla

ATEL Communications,

We are very happy with our phone system and the service and support ATEL has given us.

Paul Bettencourt
Chief Of Information Technology

Anthony's Fish Grotto

ATEL Communications,

Thanks to everyone who helped make our move as trouble free as possible.

Wayne and Tim did a great job getting our offices ready with a superior wiring job, moving our computers, and also working with me all this week getting everyone up, installed, and running again.

Barry, Darryl, and the entire ATEL team did a great job with our voice, data and telephone system setup and installation.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience and assistance with this major project.

Andrew Aiello-Hauser
Director of Marketing / Information Technology


ATEL Communications,

Hi this is Richard Kirtz the Network Administrator from AutoGenomics. Thank you so much for all your efforts and training for our new phone system. The installation was a smooth process from beginning to end. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Working with your team was a joy.

Thank You for your time and patience.

Richard Kirtz
IT Guy

Hensel Phelps Construction

ATEL Communications,

Man you guys are awesome - great job!!!

San Diego General and Vascular
Surgeons Medical Group, Inc.

ATEL Communications,

I want to thank you and your team for the hard work on the phone system. Everything went smoothly, and I couldn't be happier. The assistant property manager told me we were one of the few suites who didn't have problems with the phones, and I don't think that's an accident. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone else who is moving here.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

Lori Kinser
Office Manager

PsyCare Inc.

ATEL Communications,

I just wanted to comment about your technicians work on the day of our move to Carmel Valley. Per Amy Simmons who was onsite, commented that your technician did an outstanding job with the phone system set-up. I'm sure that he saw that it was a very hectic and chaotic move for us. When I had forgotten to include the layout for the credit card outlet and fax outlet, Amy just approached him and asked if he could cable for the 2 and he said, "no problem". He was very kind and helpful and we appreciate his hard work and cooperation during the move.

Ellyn Jotie
Operations Administrator

Intergulf Development Corp.

ATEL Communications,

I appreciate your hard work to make my telecommunications equipment and services run smoothly. It is nice to have one company to call regarding my phones and phone company. Your customer service is very good.

I would recommend your company to any business that wants a professional Telephone Management Company. With all the mergers and changes to the communications industry, it is nice to have a company like ATEL, who has been in San Diego for 20 years.

David Hong


ATEL Communications,

Let me compliment you on the cabling work ATEL has done so far. Very nice.


TCF Holdings

ATEL Communications,

It is complete. You guys could not have made the implementation any easier. I have known your technician for a long time and he is the greatest. I went with you guys based on our terrific history together and this project proves once again that you put my needs first and sold me a product that is already growing with our business. Feel free to use me as a reference for your services as well as for this NEC product.

I am so glad I have you guys to turn to when I need help with the phones. You respond so fast it is like having someone on staff to handle all my telephony needs.



ATEL Communications,

I would like to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful and talented employee you have. Being a CEO of a company myself, I know how rare it is to find an employee that has such a strong work ethic and is also polite and knowledgeable in their field.

Your technician went to great lengths to get the job done and done well. There was never a moment of wasted time. I will have no problem recommending ATEL to others I come in contact with.

Leah M. Thiss

Global Information Technologies

ATEL Communications,

Thank you for providing such a high quality and timely product. We are totally impressed.

As you know, I am a little lost regarding my many phone lines and DSL. Putting our system together was not an elementary task. And since Physicians take no prisoners and simply "expect" twenty-four-seven, we were in a scary situation.

Troy has informed me that your people have been very exceptional at returning calls and problem solving. We have not experienced a single difficulty on your end, but I did omit giving you an important 800 number and the issue was quickly resolved.

Thanks again for the quality product you offer and the saving it will bring to GIT. Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Richard Bonelli
Director of Operations, GIT.


ATEL Communications,

Our experience with ATEL Communications was superb. Each person was very courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. ATEL provided training for all of our employees, including a session at a later date to accommodate the changing schedule of our employees. Each question was answered to the satisfaction of each employee. We are very pleased with our new phone system and especially with the exceptional service that comes with it.

David Love
Project Manager


ATEL Communications,

Your technician did a great job connecting our phone lines to our new office.

Thanks, Bill