ATEL Tour: We Watch Over Your Phones, Computers and Technology

March 11th, 2010 by admin

Count on ATEL!  When you reach for the phone or send an email to the folks that supply, maintain or fix your phones, computers, networks or other business technology, do you ever wonder about the people you're counting on to keep your business technology running?

Do the people you count on work out of their home or their car? How "deep is their bench"? If the person or tech you normally work with is no longer available, does the company you count on have your "corporate knowledge" securely "backed up" such that you're not just counting on a single person but a whole company is "looking out for you"?

That's what you get with ATEL. But better than tell you - we'd like to show you. Click the video below to see a video tour of the ATEL corporate office in San Diego. These are the people and the facility at the other end of the phone call or email. We're the people you're counting on. We've been here for 25 years and we'll be here for at least another 25 year. Keep counting on us!

ATEL VP Andrew Cohen provides a video tour of ATEL's headquarters in San Diego

Want ATEL looking out for you? Call us at 858-646-4600.

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