CommNexus and Robotics

September 19th, 2014 by admin

UC San Diego's focus on contextual robotics technologies represents a convergence of engineering and cognitive science disciplines that will advance robotics systems for the benefit of society. The August 12th event held by CommNexus, UC San Diego, Brain Corporation and 3D Robotics focused on how innovation in the field of robotics is rapidly accelerating, and what exciting products are now available to us. The field of robotics is being transformed by modern cellphone and software, 3D design tools, 3D printing, custom printed circuit board fabrication, and crowd funding.

One of the robots (Mip) is powered by select iOS or Android cell phones. It has GestureSense technology, hand-motion controls, dual wheels, and responsive design. It is intended  for ages 8 and up. The idea behind these robots is that situational awareness and feedback control can help small, simple vehicles overcome large, complex obstacles. New algotithms for coordinating squads of agile robotic vehicles can help protect human life, grow food, and better respond to enviromental hazards such as fires, contaminant plumes, and hurricanes.

ATEL President, Steve Handelman attended this robotics event, and is so thrilled about the advancements being made that he even ordered himself a MiP Robot!

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