State of the Art High-Definition Surveillance Solutions by Alibi ATEL

June 8th, 2022 by admin

Alibi security system and cameras.

Alibi has become a recognizable brand in the United States for providing security and monitoring services without compromising performance. Their solutions offer HD-TVI and IP video surveillance solutions in a user-friendly interface packed with many features ahead of the competition. Alibi provides the latest tech in video analytics with top-notch video quality while giving a simplistic approach to installation. Let’s discuss some salient features that set Alibi apart.

Latest Technology - Staying Ahead of the Curve

The products supplied and installed by Alibi deliver the best performance and enhanced flexibility. All of their products can serve you with a wide array of surveillance needs.

Cutting Edge Components - Best quality means more durability and better features. Their components, like cameras, feature varifocal lenses that provide a long-range view, and image sensors, help in CMOS progressive scanning. You can use the equipment in any environment due to advanced heat dissipation and higher temperature ratings.

Exceptional Image Quality - Don’t be fooled by the resolution rating that other competitors boast. Image quality is a function of research and engineering that helps record the best quality without limitation.

Designed for Simplicity – Your choice should be for the best and most seamless experience that technology and equipment can provide. Alibi’s user-friendly designs have been implemented with great input from the users. Most importantly, autodetection, configuration, installation, and even best performance have the user's input.

Scalable and Forward-Thinking – Alibi installations are designed to expand when the need arises. Adding cameras and increasing monitoring capabilities is easy as all channels are licensed and fully enabled.

Feature Packed Yet User Friendly

The designers and engineers at Alibi Solutions believe your budget should only be limited to how many cameras you want. The UIX and features packed in the software and code will be fully packed, whether 10 cameras or 100. The latest options are available in our software, including smart searches, tagging, timeline searches, and choice of arranging the layouts. Following are some of the great features we provide:

Local Monitoring

Features in local monitoring range from intelligent recording and custom live-view up to more sophisticated features.

  • Up to 16 cameras are supported in custom live-view, fully customizable, and adjustable display.
  • Real-time detection alarms are available even included is the Video Content Analysis without any video loss.
  • Multiple PTZ support included such as preset, patrol, and even pattern monitoring.
  • Smart search can search a particular area for certain defined things and later for any offloaded video on command.

Powerful Search and Playback

  • Scrubbing the timeline is easy with great feedback.
  • You can easily tag videos for different scenarios like shoplifting, fights, etc. you can always come back to the same spot when needed.
  • Specifying a specific area will allow you to register and pause whenever there is any movement.
  • Smart locking protects specific videos from being accessed, recorded over, and deleted.

Easy Export

  • Easy export via USB or network
  • You can playback easily any video before exporting it.
  • All videos are extracted using the universal MP4 format that you can play on most devices.
  • Management features like alarm control, event management, and account management add further layers.

Video Analytics

Focus on your work while the security system stays vigilant while saving storage:

  • Protection against tampering allows alarms when changing the camera's location or any meddling.
  • Alarms are set off when the focus is out or the lens is dirty.
  • Face detection can quickly identify someone entering the field of view and take snaps for later identification.
  • Detects any change to the view area.

Retail Loss Prevention Solutions

  • The devices and cameras easily detect if there is any change in the volume of POS machines. This protection provides additional audits to the people working for you.
  • Keywords searches will help you locate any timeline and transactional evidence.

App Support

  • You can easily view and shift to multiple sites for surveillance.
  • The app allows access to different sites and mixes and matches their cameras for a more comfortable template.
  • You can easily view the live and recorded video from the app at your leisure.
  • You can view up to 16 cameras at a single time on the app.
  • It will allow you to modify and delete connected devices or simply edit when required.
  • The app supports multiple languages for a multicultural team.
  • You can easily manage the PTZ camera control using your touchscreen device.

Detailed in Resolution

Digital Megapixel cameras allow more area coverage than analog cameras, 4 times higher than regular ones. This helps you digitally zoom in on the feed without compromising quality.

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