SV 8100 Solution for 2 Location Customer

September 6th, 2013 by admin

Yesterday I was out at an account presenting a two site SV8100 network solution to replace older systems. The topic of telephony lifecycle was one of the many we discussed but the concept of voice systems even having a lifecycle still seem to be misunderstood by customers. This account has two locations and each has telephone equipment well in excess of 15 years old. One site has an Executone brand key system and the other has a Tadiran key system. In the case of the Executone system the programming software and access codes are long lost so they can’t even change the phone or voice mail database. However, in both cases there are less than 2 year old PC terminals on the desks and new printers fax machines and copiers clearly in evidence. What stood out in our discussion was that the customer clearly agrees that PC equipment has about a 3 year Lifecycle, printers are maybe 2 years and copiers are maybe 4-5. Then there are the smart cell phones that are clearly used by virtually everyone that has a cell phone. This is the technology that most people are closest to and depend on the most heavily. Today it is accepted that a new smart phone every year is almost necessary. Even the thought of a fixed 2 year contract that locks you into a specific phone model or manufacturer is cautioned and even openly advertised against. Then there is the office PBX, VoIP or Communication System and sure enough the customer says oh yea I will keep this one for at least 7 to maybe 10 years! I was floored, but this is the same perception that people had five or ten, and certainly 15 years ago. I am constantly amazed that business here still demands dial tone be available always on and never in need of servicing or upgrade. I do believe this is changing especially as VoIP deployments are run and managed by the Information Systems personnel. However, it remains that in business today when the data network goes down, it's an inconvenience. However, when the phones go down, people get fired.

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